Portable Fire Suppression Units

The Portable Fire Suppression Units are self-contained portable skid units. They were created to help control medium sized fires that may occur on rig sites, oilfield leases and construction sites. The system combines an environmentally friendly foam concentrate with water at a pre-determined mixture and dispenses this mixture at 1500 psi and 10gal/min., smothering the fire with foam.

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  • 1700 L water tank
  • 115 L foam tank
  • 20 HP Honda engine
  • 250 ft. discharge hose
  • Spill kit & fire blanket
  • 2 radiant heaters
  • Immersion tank heater
  • Foam rated to -40C
  • Electric tank level gauges
  • Shovels and axe
  • 150 ft. extension cord
  • 60 L fuel tank
  • Dual action spray nozzle
  • 240 Watt Single Phase
  • Equipped with dusk to dawn LED light tower, wind sock and status alert beacon
  • Eliminates the need for multiple hand held units on site
  • Easy to operate and self contained
  • Skid mounted
  • Capable of providing 45 minutes of continuous fire suppression
  • Training supplied