Western Canadian oil and gas projects face some of the industry’s most challenging climates and terrain. While numerous access solutions are available for your project, not all of them can withstand the obstacles your unique worksite will encounter. An access or oilfield mat of poor quality can ultimately cost you more time and money. As it may cause damage to your crew, machinery, or the environment you’re working in. Fortunately, Vortex Energy Services is here to provide reliable and sturdy access mats for any project. Regardless of your operations’ many challenges, our offering of oilfield mats is here to help. Below we’ll discuss oilfield mats from Vortex and the benefits of renting access mats. Continue reading to learn more!

Oilfield Mats at Vortex

At Vortex Energy Services, we have decades of combined experience in the safe site access solutions market. So our team understands the challenges of a new or existing energy project. An access mat that works for one project may be unsuitable for another due to the nature of the terrain, equipment, or something else. Fortunately, our team at Vortex is here to help you navigate the field of access solutions to ensure you get the products you need for your project. Our team can work with you to determine the best access solution for your project. From standard access mats to oilfield and rig mats, we have the access solutions you need for your operation to be safe and accessible. Our access mats are manufactured with a unique 192-bolt pattern and cutting-edge compression technology. They feature a solid top and middle layer with a gapped bottom, allowing for greater shear strength, high loading capacity, and stability on challenging terrain. In addition, each of our mats has routered outside edges to minimize wear and tear during transportation, installation, and use. At Vortex, our oilfield and access mats are designed to maximize accessibility and safety for your project. So you know, when you rent or buy oilfield mast from Vortex, they’re made from quality materials and will last throughout your project.

The Benefits of Renting

At Vortex, we offer a range of access matting services, including mat rentals, installation, and more! Oilfield mat rentals allow businesses like yours to try out our access mats before you commit to buying. Mat rentals also enable your project to take advantage of our additional services like mat storage and washing. That means you don’t have to worry about storing or maintaining your mats. If you decide to rent oilfield mats, Vortex can take care of transporting, installing and storing your access mats. With 24/7 expert support available, our team at Vortex can take the hassle of mat management out of your hands.

Albertan-Made, Albertan Proud

Whether you rent or buy oilfield matting for your project, Vortex Energy Service is here to provide comprehensive access solutions. We are excited to offer sales, rentals, installation, cleaning, transportation, and disposal services to all of our customers. With facilities across Alberta, our team is ready to provide you with the safe site access solutions your project needs. Vortex is a 100% Albertan-owned and operated company, and we look forward to partnering with you on your next project. Contact our team to learn more about renting or buying oilfield access mats from Vortex!