Are you looking for safe access solutions for your upcoming project? Luckily, Vortex Energy Services is here to help! Ensuring your site has safe and reliable access can be challenging. Our Vortex team understands your project’s difficulties while working remotely in our Canadian wilderness. That’s why we are proud to offer a range of access solutions that can withstand your project’s challenges. Below we’ll discuss Vortex’s range of access matting and why you should partner with us. Keep reading to learn more!

About Our Access Mats

Finding the right supplier and manufacturer for safe access solutions can be challenging as so many options are available on the market. The right access mat for your project will provide stable and durable access to your site while being economically priced and tailored to your project’s unique needs. Fortunately, Vortex Energy Services is here to help. Our team is committed to providing you with high-quality access solutions at an affordable price. In addition to our access matting, we offer incredible services such as mat installation, removal, transportation, storage, cleaning, and disposal. That means we can manage your access mats so your team can focus on the job.

Speaking of Vortex’s access matting, our 3-ply access mats are manufactured and designed in Peace Country, AB. We use high-quality Douglas fir or our premium fibre blend of fir, pine and spruce for our mats. Since we design and manufacture our access mats, Vortex can provide various access solutions for every application and budget. Each of our mats is manufactured using compression technology; that way, the top and middle layers are gapless. These solid layers maximize loading capacity and strength while also preventing the chance of environmental cross-contamination. However, the bottom layer of the mats is gapped to provide stability even in the most challenging conditions. In addition, Vortex matting also features a unique 192-bolt pattern that makes our mats some of the most robust and most durable access mats on the market. Finally, each of Vortex’s mats features routered outside edges; that way, wear is minimized while transporting, installing, or using the mats.

Why Choose Vortex Energy Services

Vortex has a vast network of facilities across Western Canada. Our 270,000 square-foot facility in the center of Peace Country provides efficient access and transportation of your access mats. As a 100% Albertan-owned and operated company, Vortex is proud to provide safe access solutions across Western Canada. For our customers that work in remote locations, we have a network of outdoor storage yards that can provide you with the access mats you need as soon as possible. These storage yards are located across Grande Prairie, Wainwright, and Tofield. That means no matter where your project is located, our team at Vortex can get the access mats you need to your site as soon as possible. When you support a local business like Vortex, you also support the communities in which we live and work.

Your Choice for Superior and Innovative Solutions

Vortex Energy Services is proud to conduct our business with integrity and honesty. Our team puts our customers and the industries they work in first. We’re pleased to offer 24/7 support, innovative solutions, project management, and more! No matter the size or scope of your business, Vortex is here to help from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our access matting!