The Edmonton area is a hub for heavy industry for Northern Alberta. Whether its the energy, pipeline, utility, construction, or other industrial sectors, many organizations choose to the Edmonton area for their base of operations. When projects require access solutions for Alberta’s most challenging conditions, companies need reliable matting to protect their workers, equipment, and the environment.

Vortex Energy Services provides safe, sustainable, and reliable access mats for worksites near Edmonton and across Western Canada. No matter what your next worksite needs, Vortex’s access solutions are ready to add value to your operation. Read on to learn more about our services and solutions for Edmonton industry below.

Industry-Leading Access Matting

Vortex access mats are manufactured in our 270,000 square foot facility using only the highest quality materials and construction techniques. We utilize cutting-edge compression technology and a unique 192-bolt pattern for maximum strength, even in demanding Albertan conditions. Our mats feature a solid top and middle combined with a gapped bottom, allowing for maximum durability, stability, and safety on your job site. Finally, all of our mats feature routered outside edges, minimizing wear in transportation, installation, and use.

Our access mats have been used across Alberta and Western Canada in the most extreme working conditions. They have proven their strength and durability time and again in a variety of environments and industries.

Professional Installation and Support

At Vortex, we understand that a tough access mat is only the beginning; proper professional installation is critical to ensure safe, reliable access for remote worksites. That’s why we’re proud to offer world-class installation services for worksites across Western Canada. No matter how big the job or how tight the deadline, Vortex is your go-to partner for access mat installation.

Our dedicated network of facilities and storage yards allows us to provide efficient, dependable installation, with our newest facility in Tofield allowing us to serve the Edmonton area even more effectively. Our highly trained operators and supervisors have the skills and experience to quickly and safely install access solutions, even on a tight turnaround. Additionally, Vortex offers 24/7 logistics and operations support, complete with comprehensive project management solutions.

Alberta Made, Alberta Proud

Vortex Energy Services is proud to be 100% Alberta-owned and operated. With our head office in Edmonton and facilities across the province, Vortex continues to serve Alberta industry with honesty and integrity. We take pride in being a part of the communities in which we operate, and have proven to our customers across Alberta that we have the access matting solutions they need to get the job done.

Need Access Mats?

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