If your organization is in the market for swamp mats, you have plenty of options. Alberta is home to many competing access mat companies, all of which claim to have the solutions you need to make your next project a success.

However, not all mats are created equal. Swamp mats with inferior materials and construction can cost your organization time, money, and the safety of your workers and equipment. Even worse, if your next worksite is in an environmentally sensitive area, poor matting decisions could lead to contaminants entering the ecosystem, resulting in environmental damage (and expensive remediation costs!).

Below, you’ll find a list of important factors to consider when choosing a matting supplier for your next project, as well as information about Vortex Energy Services’ top-quality access solutions. No matter what your organization chooses, considering these points will allow you to select the right mats for the job from a supplier committed to supporting your operation every step of the way.

1. Choosing the Right Materials for Your Environment

The first factor you should consider when buying access mats is the material. Not all swamp mats are made of the same type and quality of wood! While inexpensive options may be appealing (and suitable for specific sites and conditions), they can be prone to failure in challenging environments, such as muskeg, swamps, or other unforgiving terrains. Even if they survive the current job, they will need to be disposed of and replaced, adding to your company’s expenses. In contrast, a rock-solid mat can likely be reused on multiple sites, providing additional value over time.

Vortex Energy Services manufactures access mats featuring solid spruce or with a premium fibre (SPF) blend. Solid spruce provides unrivalled durability in challenging weather and environmental conditions, while our premium fibre blend offers incredible value in a wide variety of applications. All Vortex access mats feature Douglas fir outside boards with routered edges, minimizing wear and tear in transportation, installation, and use.

2. Construction to Withstand the Elements

In addition to using different materials, swamp mat suppliers use different manufacturing methods when building their mats. Like their choice of wood, their manufacturing techniques can dramatically impact the durability of their mats, especially in harsh conditions. Inferior construction can lead to increased replacement costs, or even failure on a job site, costing your organization both time and money.

Vortex Energy Services’ 3-ply mats feature atop and middle plies with a gapped bottom for maximum shear strength and load capacity. All Vortex mats are manufactured using innovative compression technology and a 192-bolt pattern, the most of any major matting supplier. Our unique design and construction methods allow us to offer some of the strongest, most durable swamp mats available on the market today.

3. Keeping Your Mats Clean and Contaminant-Free

If your organization is looking to purchase swamp mats, you’re likely hoping to use them multiple times. When reusing access mats on different job sites, they need to arrive clean and contaminant-free every time. If a mat isn’t 100% free of noxious weeds and other environmental contaminants, it can’t be used again. Buying mats that are easily cleaned (and partnering with an organization with thorough cleaning protocols) is one of the best ways to maximize the lifespan and ROI of your access solutions.

Vortex Energy Services’ swamp mats are engineered for easy and thorough cleaning. Constructed under compression, our mats’ solid top and middle plies give noxious weeds and other contaminants nowhere to hide, allowing them to be cleaned and reused with ease. We are also proud to offer comprehensive cleaning services to ensure your mats arrive onsite clean and ready to handle the most demanding requirements.

4. Choosing a Partner That Can Make A Difference

No matter how well they’re constructed, all-access mats will eventually fail and require replacement. As such, organizations looking to purchase mats should look for an organization that can support their operation in both the short and long-term. Having a dependable matting supplier capable of meeting your organizations’ needs over time will give you peace of mind, value, and support for every job your company undertakes.

Vortex Energy Services is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, with manufacturing in Peace Country and a network of field offices and storage facilities spanning Alberta and Saskatchewan. This network allows us to support projects anywhere in Western Canada, providing industry-leading access solutions for jobs of all sizes and scopes.

Vortex offers complete access solutions for our partners, including:

  • Installation and removal with highly trained, safety-oriented operators
  • Onsite and in-house mat cleaning
  • 24/7 operations and logistics support
  • Project management & supervision

No matter what your next project needs, you can count on Vortex for comprehensive access solutions and support, backed by exceptional customer service.

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