Western Canadian industry depends on reliable access solutions for unique and challenging terrain, from oilfield and pipeline sites to civil construction and utility services. While standard access mats are suitable for most job sites, certain high-load, high-performance tasks require heavy-duty rig mats to ensure safe and reliable access for workers and equipment. Regardless of your next project’s requirements, operations of all sizes and scope need access solutions that will stand up to the harshest conditions while protecting workers, equipment, and the natural environment.

Vortex Energy Services proudly offers matting sales, rental, installation, and management services suitable for industrial operations across Western Canada. No matter what your next job needs or how remote your location is, Vortex is ready to supply complete access solutions for the most challenging projects and demanding terrain.

The Mats You Need, When You Need Them

With decades of combined experience supporting challenging energy projects, Vortex Energy Services understands that every worksite comes with its own unique set of challenges. A suitable access solution for one type of terrain may be useless in another, or heavy specialized equipment may require a more durable mat to ensure safe transportation and use. Unfortunately, there is no universal access solution; that’s why our experienced team works around the clock to get our clients the right products for the job.

Vortex’s vast network of suppliers and manufacturers can help you find the right mats for every requirement. From standard access mats to up to 8′ X 40′ rig mats, Vortex is ready to find your operation the top quality solutions your next project needs, complete with supporting services like transportation, installation, cleaning, disposal, and 24/7 operations and logistics support.

In addition to sourcing specialty products, Vortex also proudly manufactures high-performance standard access mats suitable for a wide range of applications. Vortex access mats are manufactured using cutting-edge compression technology and a unique 192-bolt pattern (the most of any major matting supplier). Our mats feature a solid top and middle combined with a gapped bottom, allowing for maximum shear strength and higher loading capacity, on even the toughest terrain. Finally, all of our mats feature routered outside edges to minimize wear and tear in transportation, installation, and use.

Full-Service Access Solutions

On top of the mats themselves, operations of all sizes and scopes need the right supporting services to ensure safe, reliable access in any condition. To help support our valued customers, Vortex offers a complete range of services for your next project, including:

No matter the size or scope of your next project, Vortex Energy Services offers comprehensive rental solutions for all of your access needs.

Need Mats For Your Next Project?

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