When selecting the right access solutions for your next project, durability and cost are likely your two most important considerations. Across the oil and gas, pipeline, construction, environmental, mining, or other heavy industry, dependable swamp mats are critical for accessing remote locations safely and efficiently.

With facilities and storage yards across Western Canada, Vortex Energy Services offers matting solutions for projects of all sizes and scopes. Our swamp mats provide superior durability and strength to support your project’s access needs. Read on to learn more about what makes Vortex mats the ideal access solution for your next project.

Superior Construction for Superior Access Solutions

All Vortex swamp mats are constructed using cutting-edge compression technology. We use a patented 192-bolt pattern to assemble our mats under both horizontal and vertical compression for maximum strength and durability. Vortex swamp mats offer stronger, more stable access solutions that resist diamonding, warping, and structural failures even in the most demanding environments.

Engineered for Performance and Safety

Vortex swamp mats feature a design featuring gapless cores and tops, maximizing shear strength and loading capacity while virtually eliminating potential mud and contaminant intrusion. Our high-performance swamp mats are engineered to save you money on replacement and cleaning costs, while also reducing the risk of cross-site contamination and harmful environmental consequences (and expensive remediation costs!).

Vortex swamp mats also feature gapped bottom layers, reducing weight and preventing mat movement on sloped and uneven terrain. Our access mats also feature routered edges, minimizing wear and tear in transportation, installation, and use.

Proudly Serving Albertan Industry

With manufacturing facilities and storage yards located across Western Canada, Vortex Energy Services is a full-service provider for all of your access needs. From sales and rentals to installation, storage, and disposal, Vortex proudly offers start-to-finish solutions for every phase of your next project.

Vortex strives to provide superior value for our customers. Not only do we construct industry-leading swamp mats, but we also offer transportation, cleaning, storage, and disposal services. We proudly offer complete solutions to help you get the job done, enabling your organization to get the most out of your access solutions anywhere across Western Canada.

Vortex Energy Services proudly operates under 20% Indigenous ownership. Aboriginal Partnering Commission Programs are available for qualifying companies and groups.

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