Fracking operations in Northern Alberta face many unique challenges. The challenging terrain and unforgiving winter weather necessitate reliable frac water heaters for every operation, no matter the size or scope. Further, efficiency is a critical cost consideration in the oil and gas fields, where fuel must be trucked to remote areas over rough terrain. Operations need efficient frac water heaters to keep expenses down and maximize productivity.

Vortex Energy Services manufactures safe, reliable, efficient frac water heaters for the fracking industry. No matter how remote the location or challenging the project, Vortex has heating solutions for every need.

Alberta-Made Construction

Vortex Energy Services offers 12 million BTU and 36 million BTU frac water heaters. Both units are compact with small footprints, making them ideal for worksites with limited space. Our heaters’ small size allows them to be transported and rigged up quickly, allowing for maximum efficiency without sacrificing performance. Our units can run on propane, compressed natural gas, or diesel for maximum versatility and performance in every situation.

We build frac water heaters on-site in our Peace River facility. With a network of field offices and storage facilities across Alberta, Vortex is proud to offer fast, efficient transportation to any fracking site in Western Canada.

Industry-Leading Performance

Don’t let their small size fool you; Vortex frac water heaters boast industry-leading efficiency and performance for tank, pond, slipstream, and in-line applications. No matter what the job, Vortex frac water heaters deliver world-class results that save your operation time and money.

All Vortex units feature 99% thermal output, meaning nearly all heat generated is transferred directly to the water. With minimal heat energy lost to radiant heat, Vortex frac water heaters are some of the most efficient heaters on the market today, saving your organization on both time and fuel costs.

Safety-First Solutions

Vortex Energy Services puts the safety of our clients, their equipment, and the environment at the forefront of everything we do. We’re proud to offer some of the safest and most reliable frac water heaters on the market.

Our advanced heating technology eliminates many of the typical on-site injuries and accidents associated with traditional heating methods. With 99% of generated heat transferred directly to the water, heat emanating from our units is kept to a minimum. Unlike many frac water heaters in use today, Vortex units feature a fully-enclosed flame, minimizing fire hazards and protecting your crew and equipment.

All Vortex frac water heaters feature remote operation capabilities, as well as state-of-the-art emergency shutdown and safety controls for added peace of mind.

Does your fracking operation need world-class heating solutions?

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