Surveying is one of the most challenging aspects of construction projects in remote or challenging terrains. On top of being costly and time-consuming, land-based surveying introduces numerous risks for your team, from unexpected delays to safety concerns and more. However, modern drone surveying has been proven to streamline the surveying and planning processes, allowing you and your organization to realize time and financial savings throughout your next project.

Vortex Energy Services’ proudly offers Drone Surveying services suitable for construction, environmental remediation, and other demanding Civil and Environmental projects. Our operators’ experience and expertise deliver fast, efficient data collection to support projects of all sizes and scopes across Western Canada. Read on to discover the benefits of Vortex drone surveying below.

Efficient Surveying for Any Operation

Drone surveying has quickly become the accepted standard in numerous applications due to being up to five times faster than traditional land-based techniques. Applications for drone surveying include volumetric inventory measurement, topography, heat mapping, 3D modelling, and orthography. Drones can collect a wide range of data types in a single flight, allowing for further decreasing surveying time and labour. Finally, drones can easily reach and map inaccessible and challenging terrain without the risks associated with sending in a ground team, making it the safest and most effective method for nearly any surveying task.

Vortex uses DJI Matrice 300 RTk drones equipped with 45 MP Cameras for optimal resolution and accuracy. Our operators have extensive experience collecting a complete range of surveying data in numerous applications. In combination with the rest of our civil and environmental services, Vortex drone surveying equips operations with the surveying information they need for the most complex industrial projects.

Total Civil & Environmental Services

In addition to drone surveying, Vortex Energy Services’ Civil and Environmental Division offers construction services and support suitable for a wide variety of projects. Our comprehensive service offerings include:

  • Highway / Interchange Construction
  • Rail Line & Yard Construction
  • Mass and Detailed Excavation
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Granular Slab or Asphalt Preparation, Supply, and Installation
  • Import/Export of Construction Materials
  • Access Matting
  • and much more!

With facilities strategically located across Western Canada, Vortex is ready to provide fast, efficient service no matter how remote the location. Our experienced team of owners, operators, technicians, and labourers is committed to open, transparent communication throughout every project, ensuring efficiency while adding value from start to finish. No matter the size or scope of your next project, Vortex is ready to help keep you on schedule and on budget, allowing for efficient execution, faster completion, and increased ROI for you and your stakeholders.

Need Drone Surveying Services?

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