When your worksite is in a remote location, features challenging terrain, or requires special attention to protect the surrounding environment, you need access solutions you can depend on. However, getting the right access mats is only part of the battle; transportation, installation, cleaning, and storage must also be considered. When looking for a mat supplier, organizations need partners ready to support all aspects of your access needs, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your work.

Vortex Energy Services proudly offers industry-leading access mats and supporting services, including installation, management, and more. Not only do our products and services stand up to the most demanding Western Canadian terrain and conditions, but our comprehensive support and service ensure that our customers have the solutions they need for any challenge. Read on to discover more about Vortex Energy Services’ complete access solutions.

Top-Quality Access Mats

Vortex Energy Services’ access mats are designed and manufactured in-house in our Peace Country manufacturing facilities. We exclusively use the highest quality materials assembled with a unique 192-bolt pattern Patent pending, the most of any major mat manufacturer. Vortex mats are constructed under horizontal and vertical compression for maximum shear strength and resistance to diamonding, warping, and other structural failures.

Our manufacturing facilities are capable of fast, high-volume output, allowing us to support projects of all sizes and scopes. With rail and highway access to our main facility and a network of storage yards across Western Canada, you can rely on Vortex to get your next project the mats it needs, where and when you need them.

Expert Installation

In the most challenging projects, a dependable mat is only part of the equation; load requirements, terrain, surface and subsurface hardness, and ecological characteristics can all impact your site’s safety and affect your installation plans. If your next project needs experience and expertise to prevent equipment damage, workplace injuries, and environmental consequences, Vortex Energy Services has you covered.

Vortex Energy Services proudly helps our customers get the most of their access solutions every step of the way. As part of this commitment, we proudly offer complete installation services for projects of all sizes. Our experienced operators, management, and labour force are ready to ensure your mats are installed correctly, providing world-class protection for your workers, equipment, and the environment, no matter how challenging the conditions. All Vortex personnel are committed to a safety-first mentality through every phase of mat installation, fully certified with WCB, ISN, ComplyWorks, and COR safety standards.

Complete Service

In addition to access mats, Vortex Energy Services proudly offers a host of services to support every stage of your next project, including:

No matter what your operation needs, Vortex Energy Services offers start-to-finish solutions to support the most demanding projects in Western Canada today.

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