Horizontal directional drilling has become the industry standard for below-ground pipe and conduit installation. HDD is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional trenching and excavation methods, commonly used in today’s oil and gas, telecommunications, municipal utility, and other engineering projects.

If your organization needs horizontal directional drilling for your next project, you need expertise and experience you can trust. Vortex Energy Services offers start-to-finish solutions for today’s HDD requirements. Read on to learn more about how Vortex can add value to your operation through safe, efficient drilling at a competitive price, anywhere in Western Canada.

Experience You Can Trust

HDD is significantly safer for both workers and equipment when compared to traditional trenching and open excavation. However, inexperienced or negligent crews can endanger themselves, their equipment, and the environment. The wrong team can cause significant delays, cost your operation money, or even cause personal injury and environmental damage.

Safety is the top priority for every Vortex project. Our operators and crews have decades of experience in hazardous and challenging environments, including:

  • Telecommunications Installation
  • Municipal Utility Installation
  • Mid-Sized Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Engineering Projects

Vortex Energy Services is committed to safe and efficient work through every stage of our operations. With comprehensive safety certifications and compliance’s, your organization can trust Vortex to make its next horizontal drilling project successful.

Unmatched Service and Value

Horizontal directional drilling is cost-efficient compared to traditional trenching and other excavation, requiring two small worksites on either end of the pipe. As a result, setup, teardown, and environmental remediation take less time and fewer crew members, resulting in lower labour costs.

Vortex Energy Services is determined to take these benefits and savings further by cutting out the middlemen. As a 100% Alberta-owned and operated company, we give you direct access to our in-house equipment and experienced crews at a highly competitive price. With storage yards and facilities across Western Canada, we’re capable of servicing job sites quickly and efficiently, even in remote locations. Once onsite, our team’s commitment to efficiency ensures minimal downtime and maximum ROI, and world-class installation of underground pipes and conduits.

In addition to HDD services, Vortex is proud to offer comprehensive support services for projects of all sizes and scopes, including:

No matter what your project needs, Vortex Energy Services is ready with start-to-finish solutions and support. With 24/7 access and a commitment to doing the job right, we’re proud to provide all industries with world-class HDD solutions for their next projects.

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