Fire safety is a critical part of heavy industry’s day-to-day operations. Especially after the devastating 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires, fire prevention and suppression have become essential considerations for all industrial sectors in Alberta. Companies need to invest in safe, reliable fire suppression systems, particularly when operating in remote locations lacking accessibility for emergency services.

Vortex Energy Services offers portable fire suppression units designed to control small-to-medium fires on rig sites, oilfield leases, construction sites, and other industrial applications. No matter how demanding the job or remote the location, keep safety at the forefront with Vortex fire suppression units.

Go-Anywhere Fire Suppression Solutions

Our portable fire suppression units (FSUs) are self-contained skid units, maximizing portability and saving on transportation costs. They can be easily loaded onto a gooseneck trailer and hauled anywhere in Alberta. With our network of field offices and storage facilities across the province, your company will never be without fast access to reliable fire suppression solutions.

Our FSUs’ small footprint means they can go anywhere, fitting into even the most crowded worksite. In some cases, our fire suppression units may eliminate the need for multiple handheld units, saving money while providing comprehensive safety and fire prevention for your worksite.

Uncompromising Performance

Don’t let their small size fool you; Vortex fire suppression units are built to perform in the most demanding conditions. Vortex FSUs deliver an environmentally-friendly foam and water mixture at 1500 psi and 10 gal/min, smothering fires with ease. Our fire suppression units also feature 1700L water tanks and 115L foam tanks, good for up to 45 minutes of continuous fire suppression. Additionally, all Vortex FSUs feature remotes access options, increasing safety under emergency circumstances.

Other features include:

  • 250 ft. discharge hose
  • Dual-action spray nozzle
  • 20 HP Honda engine
  • Two radiant heaters
  • Immersion tank heater
  • Electric tank level gauges
  • Dusk-to-dawn LED light tower with windsock
  • Status alert beacon
  • Spill kit & fire blanket
  • Shovels & axe

In addition to the units themselves, Vortex provides full training for FSU operation. Our safety-minded operators and management can give your team the skills and knowledge to protect your worksite, your workers, and the environment.

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