If your organization needs access solutions for your next oilfield project, it can be tough to decide whether to rent or purchase matting. Every operation has unique requirements; the right solution for one organization or project may prove to be costly and ineffective for the next. Nonetheless, getting the most out of oilfield matting is a surefire way to add value to your next project. The right mats (at the right price) will provide safe, reliable access for your personnel and equipment, allowing your crew to work quickly and efficiently in the most challenging conditions.

With decades of experience providing safe, sustainable, and reliable access solutions across Western Canada, Vortex Energy Services understands the importance of getting the most out of your access mats. Read on to learn about the critical factors when purchasing or renting oilfield matting for your next project.

Field Conditions

Let’s face it: the Alberta Oil Sands feature some of the most brutal and unforgiving working conditions in the world today. Challenging terrain and extreme weather combined with demanding operational requirements will lay waste to inferior access solutions.

If your next project involves safely and reliably accessing worksites in swamps, muskeg, or other challenging conditions, you’ll need the highest quality access mats your organization can afford. Buying top-quality mats outright is a significant investment that may not make sense, especially for smaller operations. In scenarios like this, it may be advisable to rent top-quality mats rather than purchase inferior products that won’t stand up to your project’s requirements.

Scope of Project(s)

Conversely, if you’re part of a large operation with multiple projects on the horizon, purchasing oilfield matting solutions may be ideal. Owning your own mats can be a highly beneficial investment for organizations that require access solutions for multiple projects or worksites. Rather than paying for rentals every single time, your organization will be able to save money by only having to worry about installation and transportation costs. While even the most durable access mat will eventually need to be replaced, reusing mats for multiple projects will allow you to maximize your ROI and bring value to projects of all sizes and scope.

Storage, Cleaning, and Life Cycle Considerations

Finally, if you’re considering purchasing oilfield matting, it is essential to consider the entire life cycle of your investment. What does this mean? Once your current project is complete, your mats will need to be stored while not in use. Additionally, your mats will need a thorough cleaning to prevent noxious weeds and other contaminants from being carried from site to site. Finally, even the most durable access mats will eventually require replacement. In addition to mat replacement, organizations should factor disposal costs into their budget for access solutions.

How Vortex Energy Services Can Help

Whether you choose to rent or buy oilfield matting, Vortex Energy Services offers comprehensive access solutions for every operation. We are proud to offer one-stop sales, rentals, installation, transportation, cleaning, storage, and disposal solutions for any need.

With facilities in Peace River, Tofield, Grande Prairie, Grande Cache, Wainwright, and Oxbow, Vortex is ready to service heavy industry across Western Canada, no matter how remote the location.

Vortex is a 100% Canadian-owned company committed to providing unmatched value in access solutions. With manufacturing facilities across Alberta, we eliminate the “middle man” in sales and rentals, allowing your organization to get safe, reliable oilfield matting at a competitive price.

Need Oilfield Matting?

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