Whether you call them swamp mats, access mats, or bog mats, when your project requires dependable access to a remote location, you need a solution you can trust. There are plenty of mats available for rent in Western Canada, but not all of them are created equal. A poor-quality access solution can lead to equipment damage, expensive environmental remediation, or even safety hazards for workers in the field. If your company is looking for quality swamp mats for your next project, you need a mat that is up to the task.

Vortex Energy Services proudly offers swamp mat rentals for heavy industry across Western Canada. As a premier manufacturer and distributor of top-quality access mats, we provide high-performance access solutions that can help make your next project a success. Keep reading to learn more about Vortex Energy Services’ access mat rentals.

High-Performance Access Solutions

Vortex access mats are designed and manufactured in the heart of Peace Country, AB, using only the highest quality materials. Select from 3-ply Douglas fir or our premium fibre blend, depending on your project’s requirements and budget. Our team of experts can also source suitable access solutions for unique or demanding needs.

All Vortex access mats are constructed using compression technology and a unique 192-bolt pattern to ensure maximum strength and performance in any use case. Standard features include solid top and middle layers along with a gapped bottom for optimal shear strength and load capacity without sacrificing stability. Our swamp mats also come standard with routered outside edges to minimize damage in transportation, installation, and use. Vortex mats’ industry-leading design offers unparalleled safety, performance, and peace of mind for operations demanding the most of their access solutions.

Complete Supporting Services

Swamp mat rentals aren’t the only thing you’ll need to make your next project a success. You’ll also need complete transportation, installation, removal and storage solutions to get the most out of your mats. In order to support our valued customers every step of the way, Vortex Energy Services offers a comprehensive range of supporting industrial services, including:

  • Mat installation and removal with highly trained, safety-oriented operators.
  • On-site and in-house mat cleaning.
  • 24/7 operations and logistics support.
  • Project management & supervision.
  • Complete Civil Construction & Environmental Remediation services.
  • And more!

With facilities strategically located across Western Canada, businesses can trust Vortex to provide industry-enabling access solutions, no matter how tight the deadline or remote the worksite. Vortex is ready to deliver start-to-finish support for projects of all sizes and scopes while adding value for our customers and their stakeholders.

Need Swamp Mats?

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