No matter what the project or what your access needs are, everybody wants the best solution for the lowest price. However, with tight deadlines and tighter budgets, compromise is rarely a viable option. Inferior access mats that aren’t up to the task will end up costing your project time and money. Even worse, low-quality products can jeopardize the safety of your workers, equipment, and the environment.

Whether you’re in oil and gas, construction, mining, or other heavy industry, dependable access mats are critical to the success of projects in remote locations. When your access solutions need to be both effective and budget-conscious, look no further than Vortex Energy Services’ premium fibre blend access mats.

The Ideal Blend of Durability and Affordability

Vortex’s premium fibre blend primarily consists of Douglas fir and Northern Pine, with smaller amounts of spruce. Mats constructed with this blend will perform in light and medium-duty applications while costing considerably less than other matting solutions. This allows project managers to maximize their ROI on matting; Vortex premium fibre blend access mats offer better strength and durability than other matting solutions at a comparable price.

All Vortex mats feature outside boards made from high-grade Douglas fir. Unlike other wood species, fir is unique in being both durable and lightweight. These characteristics make fir the ideal material for access mat construction, increasing strength, stability, and durability in our premium fibre blend.

Uncompromising Construction

Vortex constructs our access mats under horizontal and vertical compression for maximum stability. Our unique 192-bolt pattern (the most bolts of any major matting supplier) further increases structural integrity, preventing deformation and failure under demanding conditions. The result is a strong, stable access mat that meets the demands of Alberta heavy industry.

All Vortex access mats feature solid tops and cores with top routered edges, maximizing strength and durability while minimizing the risk of debris intrusion. Mud and noxious weeds have nowhere to hide, saving money on replacement and cleaning costs while reducing the risk of cross-site contamination.

Our access mats have a gapped bottom for increased performance in rough terrain. The gapped bottom prevents mat movement on sloped ground, increasing safety and preventing damage to equipment, the environment, and the mats themselves.

Premium Performance

Our premium fibre blend access mats have undergone rigorous testing to demonstrate their ability to handle the most challenging conditions. In trials, our solid-top access mats were comparable in performance to gapped fir mats while maintaining the added benefits of a gapless design.

Vortex mats’ superior design will save time and money throughout your next project and beyond. Gapless mats are safer, more durable, and easier to clean than their gapped counterparts, leading to increased productivity, greater safety, and lower expenses.

Full-Service Access Solutions

From manufacturing to disposal and everything in-between, Vortex offers complete full-service access solutions for projects of all sizes and scopes. Our multiple facilities across Alberta and Saskatchewan allow us to service even the most remote worksites with speed and efficiency. With Vortex, there is no “middle man,” allowing your organization to rely on safe, reliable access solutions at a competitive price.

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